The Molteni family first entered the world of textiles in 1925
Irma Molteni began working in an important mill located in Como, since then two further Molteni generations have been involved in the textile world.
To celebrate the year 1925 we have decided to produce 25 exclusive signature products all of which will be individually numbered.


Our style is heavily influenced by elegance, being unique and being crafted from the best materials available.
Each of our creations is patiently hand-made by skilled Italian artisans.
By owning one of our unique products you will join an exclusive club of people who appreciate style and quality. Each product is individually numbered and a certificate will be issued to each item detailing the progressive number in the limited edition sequence it represents.
Many of our creations are unique and unrepeatable. So as to satisfy even the most demanding customers we also offer a custom made service to revise and develop the product further. We can, hopefully, satisfy any request made.