The Legend of silk’s birth

Only from the female intuition could be born a sophisticated and unique product like silk.

It is said that one day, in the 27th century before Christ, the beautiful Chinese Empress Lei-Tuz, the main wife of the famous Emperor Huang Di, was drinking tea in the shade of a mulberry tree.

While she was going to sipping that hot tea, a silkworm fell in her teacup. When she dipped her fingers to remove the small animal from her precious cup a long, very thin, iridescent thread deployed.

Enchanted from the beauty and the brightness of the thread, the Empress convinced the powerful husband to let her produce some fabric. Therefore, the husband ordered to plant some more mulberry trees and to breed silkworms.

Then the threads were twisted on a loom and was born the precious fabric. At the beginning it was thought that the silk, considered an absolutely luxury, was suited only for Emperors, Princes and members of the high nobility.